Orchard Beach
Community Group

The Orchard Beach water system is an existing Group A system located in the Southwest quarter of the Southeast quarter of Section 22, Township 21 North, Range 2 West, W.M situated in Mason County, Washington. The system is a waterfront system located by Pickering Passage in Puget Sound that serves 39 connections. The system's elevation ranges from 65 feet to 30 feet. The water system is composed of two 6 inch wells with a capacity of 10 gpm and 60 gpm located at 57 feet of elevation. Well water is pumped from SO2 (primary source) and SO1 (backup source) to 8 bladder tanks and out to distribution. SO1 (backup source) comes on only during the peak seasons. The distribution system is comprised of approximately 4,300 feet of 4-inch PVC pipe.